​Positioning of the Aerial Ladder

Positioning of the Aerial Ladder 

Format of Program: Class presented as lecture (on-line coming soon). Hands On Program as well.

Program Length:  Didactic 6 Hours 20 Minutes    Prices: Contact us for pricing details

Program description:

Upon completion of this program the student will:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of safe aerial operations
  • Aerial apparatus positioning
  • Setting up and operating elevated streams
  • Describe the various types of aerial or elevated apparatus
  • Describe the general uses of each
  • Describe basic aerial apparatus positioning requirements at the fire scene 
  • Describe the various techniques for rescue using aerial units
  • Describe the techniques of using aerial units to ventilate a structure
  • Describe the techniques of using aerial units to support fire streams
  • Explain the tactical use of an elevated stream.

   Hands On 8 Hours

  • Evolutions that wil enhance the students base knowledge and give them time to master the hands on tasks as well.