​Ground Ladders

Ground Ladders

Format of Program: Class presented as lecture (on-line coming soon). Hands on Program as well.

Program Length:  Didactic 4 Hours 20 Minutes Prices: Contact us for pricing details

The course meets the requirements of NFPA® 1001 for Firefighter I.

Program description:

After completing this lesson, the student shall be able to:

  • Safely and effectively select, carry, raise, and work from ladders.
  • Describe parts of a ladder.
  • Describe types of ground ladders used in the fire service.  
  • Discuss materials used for ladder construction.
  • Discuss ladder maintenance and cleaning.  
  • Summarize items to check for when inspecting and service testing ladders.
  • Summarize factors that contribute to safe ladder operation.
  • Discuss selecting the proper ladder for the job.
  • Summarize items to consider before removing and replacing ladders on apparatus.
  • Describe proper procedures to follow when lifting and lowering ground ladders.
  • Describe various types of ladder carries.
  • Explain proper procedures for positioning ground ladders.
  • Explain precautions to take before raising a ladder.
  • Describe various types of ladder raises.
  • Describe procedures for moving ground ladders. 
  • Describe heeling and tying in ground ladders.
  • List guidelines for climbing ladders.  
  • Describe methods for lowering conscious or unconscious victims down ground ladders.

Hands On 6 hours
  • Clean, inspect, and maintain a ladder.
  • Carry a ladder — One-firefighter low-shoulder method.  
  • Carry a ladder — Two-firefighter low-shoulder method.
  • Carry a ladder — Three-firefighter flat-shoulder method.  
  • Tie the halyard.
  • Raise a ladder — One-firefighter method.
  • Raise a ladder — Two-firefighter flat raise.  
  • Raise a ladder — Two-firefighter beam raise.
  • Raise a ladder — Three- or four-firefighter flat raise.  
  • Deploy a roof ladder — One-firefighter method.  
  • Pivot a ladder — Two-firefighter method.
  • Shift a ladder — One-firefighter method.
  • Shift a ladder — Two-firefighter method.  
  • Leg lock on a ground ladder.
  • Assist a conscious victim down a ground ladder.
  • Remove an unconscious victim down a ground ladder.
  • Select, carry, and raise a ladder properly for various types of activities.