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"Braithre Thar Gach Ni" 
Brotherhood Above All

Who We Are

Fire & Rescue Personnel with more than 150 years of combined fire  and rescue experience.  

Future Fire Service Training is owned and operated by a nationally certified fire rescue instructor with almost thirty years of fire service experience.   

This 150 years of experience comes from all over the east coast, and from small departments to the world's biggest department. Fire Rescue Personnel comes from the lower mid-Atlantic to the North East, including FDNY, Montgomery County Fire Rescue, and several more.  

We have instructors and consultants from every rank to help you in your journey to the Chief's Office. 

We look forward to meeting you, learning from each other, and building the future of the fire service.  

Meet The Instructors
  1. Owner - Lead Instructor - Program Development - Master Firefighter (RET) Eric R. Fessenden
    Owner - Lead Instructor - Program Development - Master Firefighter (RET) Eric R. Fessenden
    Eric has more than 28 years in Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services. A past member of the Water Rescue Team, Hazardous materials Incident Response Team, Trench Rescue, Urban Search & Rescue MD-TF-1 Team Member. Level II MICRB Instrcutor, National Fire Academy Instructor III, Instructor at Montgomery County Public Service Training Academy for 13 Years. Helped develop and then instruct many of the R.I.T. Training Programs, for Montgomery County. Earned numerous letters of recognition, including letters from Congress, Senate, House of Representative as well as the Montgomery County Executive. Three unit citations and a silver Medal of Valor. Eric specializes in Truck Company Operations, and Firefighter Safety and Survival as well as R.I.T Operations and Mayday. He will strive to make you think outside the box!
Eric Fessenden, owner and operator of Future Fire Service, is a 3rd generation Firefighter and was introduced to the fire service as a very young child. Eric served the citizens of Montgomery County, Maryland for 30 years. He began as a volunteer Firefighter with the Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department and then was hired by Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services. He spent the majority of his career assigned to Ladder Company 25 in the county’s Aspen Hill area. Eric taught at the Montgomery County Public Service Training Academy for thirteen years and has a passion for educating others about the fire service. He is now able to use this passion to teach Fire & Rescue to others who share his interest in the fire service.
Jim Ogle, Lead Instructor. 22 years in the fire servic and currently works for FDNY assigned to Tower Ladder 14. Prior to working with FDNY Jim was employed with Washington Twp Fire Dist # 1 in Mercer County, NJ and Montgomery County Fire Rescue, Montgomery County, MD. and began his time in the fire service as a volunteer. Jim has spent time as an instructor at the FDNY Training Academy and is an adjunct with the Mercer and Monmouth County Fire Academies in NJ. Jim has instructed nationwide on a variety of topics, his focus is in firefighter safety and survival and truck company operations.  

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Training Format:

We offer two main types of learning, which includes didactic lectures, and our very interactive hands on programs.

Multiple courses offer both a lecture and a hands on portion.

The lecture is presented to you at your facility or at your local academy. The hands on portion can be offered at your local academy or fire station, as well.

Note: Many of the lecture portions of the programs will be offered online in the near future.